“Would You Like A Souvenir”, Nora Prentiss 1947; A look at Ann Sheridan

by Janet Roitz | See: All, Ladies of the Nightclubs, Video Gallery

“Would You Like A Souvenir” was introduced by Ann Sheridan in the 1947 film noir classic, NORA PRENTISS. Co-starring Kent Smith and Robert Alda, Ann Sheridan (known in the ’40s as “The Oomph Girl”) portrays a San Francisco nightclub singer toughing it out in a joint near the Embarcadero and Fisherman’s Wharf. Rare shots of The City are a part of the film’s curious appeal. Singer Janet Roitz works with vocal coach Sean Martinfield on “Would You Like A Souvenir?” — the first of Nora’s more sophisticated band numbers.

Composed by M.K. Jerome with lyrics by Jack Scholl and Eddie Cherkose, the song was never published or recorded. Jerome and Scholl collaborated again on “The Wish That I Wish Tonight” featured in CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT starring Dennis Morgan and Barbara Stanwyck. Eddie Cherkose (aka, Eddie Maxwell) wrote lyrics for the pop hit “Pico and Sepulveda” which was covered by Lee Press-on and the Nails in 2002.

Janet and Sean explore the musical quirks of “Would You Like A Souvenir” — the location of Sheridan’s low-pitched tones, her almost see-through gown, and the challenge presented by the Studio’s team of song writers. “Would You Like A Souvenir?” is a sweet spin on ’40s-style nightclub chic. Its addictive melody suits the plot and flatters the Star. Enjoy!
— Sean Martinfield

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