Organist Jonathan Dimmock–On the Brahms Chorale Preludes, at Davies Hall, 2/19–21

by Sean Martinfield | See: All, By Sean, Sean's Reviews and Interviews

During our recent interview, Jonathan discussed the function of the four chorale preludes he will play and their compatibility to both concert and religious venues. [Click here to see my full interview on]


He also pointed out that these selections may be the first time any solo organ repertoire has been a part of San Francisco Symphony’s subscription concerts. “In a church setting, the music is a handmaid to the liturgy. It’s intent is to augment what is taking place – to raise the levels of transformation, beauty, awareness and praise – beyond what could be done with just the architecture and with the words. In the concert hall, it’s an end in itself. It’s no longer the augmentation of something. For the people in the concert hall it is the experience of being together in community, in a large space, and to be transformed by the music.”

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Thursday, 2/19 at 8:00pm
Friday, 2/20 at 8:00pm
Saturday, 2/21 at 8:00pm

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