“My Silver Dollar Man”, Marked Woman 1937; A look at Rosalind Marquis

by Janet Roitz | See: All, Ladies of the Nightclubs, Video Gallery

In this second track of “Ladies of the Nightclubs”, San Francisco Bay Area singer Janet Roitz and vocal coach Sean Martinfield explore the challenges of a great Depression Era blues number, “My Silver Dollar Man”, and its place in the film MARKED WOMAN, starring Bette Davis. The 1937 production celebrated the return of Bette Davis to the screen following her contentious and failed court battle against Warner Bros. Studios. This bluesy bump & grind number is sung by Rosalind Marquis (Gold Diggers of 1937) and was written by one of Hollywood’s most outstanding musical teams from the Golden Age of filmmaking — composer Harry Warren and lyricist Al Dubin. They are best remembered for their songs in the five GOLD DIGGERS musicals directed by Busby Berkeley, along with FOOTLIGHT PARADE and their multi award-winning hit, 42nd STREET. Rosalind Marquis (as “Florrie Liggett”) presents “My Silver Dollar Man” in the guise of a Lead Singer at the grand opening of a New York City clip joint — the Club Intimate. During the number, Bette Davis makes an entrance (as only Bette Davis can) that clearly defines her status as one of Hollywood’s most important leading actresses and as Warner Brothers biggest money makers.
— Sean Martinfield

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