Meeting Soprano Jeanette MacDonald in “San Francisco”

by Sean Martinfield | See: "Spotlights", By Sean, Ladies of the Nightclubs

What’s the best film for getting acquainted with Hollywood soprano Jeanette MacDonald?

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JEANETTE MacDONALD, in "San Francisco" (1936), pillow shot 3
My first encounter with Jeanette MacDonald was through a local broadcast of MGM’s major box office hit from 1936, San Francisco. It’s been a long-term affair ever since – with both her and the film. As “Mary Blake” – a Denver preacher’s daughter and aspiring opera singer – Jeanette introduces the song, “San Francisco” in a turn-of-the-century nightclub on the Barbary Coast called The Paradise. It’s in the middle of one of the roughest areas of town and its owner, “Blackie Norton” (Clark Gable) is the kind of guy other guys are afraid of and women adore. He thinks soprano Mary Blake might lend a touch of class to the joint. Jeanette MacDonald is one of our Ladies of the Nightclubs and the first subject in our new series, “Spotlights”.
Sean Martinfield, October 2014
Many thanks to Janet Roitz who directed and edited this video.


A fabulous song from 1930, “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone (Oh, Honey!)”

[It’s up! Click on the photo to view. Click here to see article on Ladies of the Nightclubs.]






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