Bob Grimes

by Janet Roitz | See: All, By Janet

For decades, San Francisco singers and musicians looking for some hard-to-find piece of sheet music knew who to call first…Bob Grimes.

Many years ago I was looking for the sheet music to The Five-thousand Fingers of Dr. T, I called Bob and we talked about movie songs for over an an hour. Here was a man who understood my references!

Bob sent me all the sheet music that he had from the film (if it was published, he had it) for about three bucks. When that big fat envelope arrived in the mail, it was as if I had just been sent the Hope Diamond. I was in love! From then on I would call him whenever I was in “sheet music trouble.” I remember calling him about the Frank Loesser songs in This Gun For Hire.

Janet: “Hey Bob there’s a couple of cute Frank Loesser songs in This Gun for…”

Bob: “Never published.”

Janet: “But…”

Bob: “Never published.”

Off the top of his head- he knew.

Bob Grimes

  The only time we ever met face to face was when he was in the hospital. He was eighty-nine years old and I knew I needed to go see him. I was there for two hours. He was very thin, sitting in a wheelchair but his blue eyes sparkled like sapphires and his sense of humor and photographic memory were as sharp as a tack. I told him how I kept finding great tunes in the most obscure movies; the more I listened, the more I found. He looked at me with twinkling eyes and said, “It never ends.”

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