In Conversation with Tenor Paul Appleby – A Smart Debut at San Francisco Opera

by Sean Martinfield | See: By Sean, Sean's Reviews and Interviews, The Pink Section

Paul laughed when I suggested that “Tamino” in The Magic Flute is one of those tenor roles that sits in the column marked – Thankless.

Paul Appleby, for FFS

“Yes, I could go on all day about that. It’s funny, because I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I get obsessed with other singers, typically with tenors – learning everything about them, their YouTubes and portfolios, the interviews and reviews of stuff they’ve done. All these tenors – many of whom sing the same rep I do and no matter how successful they were as Tamino – have been described as wooden, hard to access, not fully-fleshed, whatever. And really great performers! Like Jerry Hadley, for example, who is the most wonderful over-acting Tamino I’ve ever seen. Selling every single gesture to the rafters! Even he was called ‘wooden’. It’s infuriating!”
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