In Conversation with Debby Boone

by Sean Martinfield | See: All, By Sean, Sean's Reviews and Interviews

“The only place you have any control at all are your own actions and your own decisions,” said Debby Boone. Trying to control other people is not really what we’re called to do.”
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Debby Boone, Link to Sean's Review
I told Debby there was no way I could skirt-around the contentious political agenda and religious biases – the “bones of contention” or “apples of discord” – that surround her father, Pat Boone, one of the most successful Pop singers of all time. I reminded her that she would be performing in The City – the metropolis described in the classic film San Francisco as the “guardian of the Golden Gate – a queen among seaports – the wickedest city in the world.” I then confessed that as a kid, I was her father’s most ardent fan.

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