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‘Humoresque’- that laugh on life with a tear behind it*

The minute music publisher Fritz Simrok heard Anton Dvorak’s “Humoresque N7″ in 1894 he knew he had a hit on his hands. Simrock wasted no time in having the piece arranged for just about every musical instrument under the sun – thus securing its place on the programs of student recitals and concert halls from Budapest to Baltimore.

Simrok and Dvorak

Fritz Simrock and Antonin Dvorak

Fast-forward a couple of decades and Dvorak’s “song of many joys” was still belovedly perched on music stands everywhere. Adding to its popularity was the short story, “Humoresque” by Fannie Hurst* followed by a silent movie based on her book about a violin virtuoso going off to war. Sheet music publishers, always on the lookout for a catchy number, found lyricists up and down Tin Pan Alley ready and willing to guild Dvorak’s lily of a tune. Future lyric writing luminaries such as Al Dubin, (I Only Have Eyes For You, Lullaby of Broadway, 42nd St) Mitchell Parish (Stardust, Sophisticated Lady, Deep Purple) and a handful of others decided to see what they could do for the old Czech Master.

Dvorak and Co. Jerry Castillo, William Nameiw and Howard Johnson

Dvorak & Company: Jerry Castillo, William Nameiw and Howard Johnson

‘Humoresque’…It’s like life son, that piece. Crying to hide it’s laughing and laughing to hide it’s crying.” (Fannie Hurst)

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 7.24.45 PM

Thank you to lyricists: Al Dubin, William Namiew, Howard Johnson, Jerry Castillo, Jimmy Shirl, Ervin Drake, Henry Manners, Carl Earle, Mitchell Parish and Stephen Foster.

And thank you to Ken Muir for playing the piano….








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