CBGB and The Shanks Of The Evening, March 1987

by Janet Roitz | See: By Janet, From the cassette box, Music

When I lived in New York City, I played guitar and sang background in a band called, The Shanks of the Evening. We did mostly originals penned by lead singer and keyboard player, Guy Sherman. We practiced once a week and got a few gigs at places like Kenny’s Castaways, The West Bank and the aptly named, WGAF? (Who Gives a F#@k?) We were also lucky enough to get a chance to play at CBGB.  Digging around my closet  the other day I found a cassette tape of three songs from that show. Our final number was a cover of Gary Lewis & The Playboy’s tune, “Without A Word Of Warning.”

What is interesting about The Shanks’s CBGB version of this song is the opening keyboard line…Guy had a keyboard that recorded samples. He had included among his samples the sound of his voice blurting, “Hey!” At the CBGB show, he flipped the wrong switch or something… After a masterful and hilarious scramble to change the the “Hey!” back to “Farfisa” order was restored and we rocked on.

 The Shanks of the Evening: Edgar Greene- drums/Janet Roitz- guitar, vocals/George Kerezman- bass, vocals/Jason Kessler-guitar/Guy Sherman-lead vocals, keyboards.

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