By Sean

In Conversation with Principal Dancer Davit Karapetyan

“Everything I do, I would want to do again,” said Davit Karapetyan during our recent interview. “Every time you dance you learn so much.”  [Click here to see my full interview on] “You live differently, every performance. Each time, you will find a different way of pursuing the movements and feel comfortable and confident. […]

A Profile of Hansuke Yamamoto, Soloist with San Francisco Ballet

I first saw Hansuke Yamamoto as the Bluebird in San Francisco Ballet’s 2006 presentation of Sleeping Beauty. He leaped out from stage right and at such height that it sparked an audible gasp throughout the War Memorial Opera House. [Click here to see my full interview on] Choreographed by Helgi Tomasson, the production was […]

BARRY DENNEN – A Conversation with the Pilate of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, at the Castro Theatre, 3/17

Tuesday night, March 17, the Castro Theatre in San Francisco hosts an encore performance of the 1973 mega classic, Jesus Christ Superstar. Ted Neeley and Barry Dennen – the Jesus and Pilate of the film, the original Broadway cast, and multiple productions since – will be onstage at 7:00 for a Q&A prior to the […]

“Jesus Christ Superstar” and Rock Star Ted Neeley – Behold, The Man!

Ted Neely gives all the glory to the director. “Thank God Norman Jewison decided to make this film,” said Ted during our recent conversation. “Had it been any other director, it would not have had the same sort of effect. He was fine-tuning every moment.” In August 2013, I interviewed Ted Neeley on the occasion […]

Organist Isabelle Demers – At Davies Hall, 3/8

“Quite frankly, it’s not like becoming a physician and knowing you’ll have a job when you graduate…. ” [Click here to see my full interview with Isabelle Demers on]   “If you become an organist – all you hear about is the decline of church attendance in the country and the decline of classical […]

Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter – A Profile of the Artist

“In a way, a musician is like an athlete. We have that one chance. At eight o’clock, you bring everything forward – everything you’ve been thinking of, dreaming of and training yourself for.” [Click here to see my complete interview with Anne-Sophie Mutter on] Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter joins conductor Michael Tilson Thomas and the […]

Organist Jonathan Dimmock–On the Brahms Chorale Preludes, at Davies Hall, 2/19–21

During our recent interview, Jonathan discussed the function of the four chorale preludes he will play and their compatibility to both concert and religious venues. [Click here to see my full interview on] He also pointed out that these selections may be the first time any solo organ repertoire has been a part of […]

A Conversation with Pianist Hélène Grimaud – At Davies Symphony Hall, 2/15–16

I spoke with Hélène Grimaud while she was in Barcelona, the day before she began a brief tour with conductor Leonard Slatkin and The National Orchestra of Lyon. [Click here to see my full interview on] Hélène returns to Davies Symphony Hall on February 15 and 16 with conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin and the Rotterdam Philharmonic. […]

CD – Guy Sherman’s “Yule Hear What I Hear”

The best independently produced Christmas CD of 2014 is Guy Sherman’s Yule Hear What I Hear. The album is a true one man show and a spectacular ear-catching introduction to a most resourceful artist. [Click here to see my full interview with Guy Sherman on] Thirteen tracks include a selection of traditional carols and […]

In Conversation with Debby Boone

“The only place you have any control at all are your own actions and your own decisions,” said Debby Boone. Trying to control other people is not really what we’re called to do.” [Click here to see my complete interview on HuffingtonPost] I told Debby there was no way I could skirt-around the contentious political […]