By Sean

The Influences of Dorothy Dell

Breaking News – Wikipedia is going to the moon! Every jot and tittle – all preserved on tiny sheets of nickel and in a number of translations. [See: The Arch Foundation’s first step toward building a Lunar Library] And, perhaps, in the nick of time – seeing that none of us really know when The […]

Angela Lansbury Re-Tweets “Goodbye, Little Yellow Bird”

It’s 1944. Louis B. Mayer has wooed Albert Lewin back to MGM to direct The Picture of Dorian Gray. Lewin has kept his distance from Mayer for the past eight years – since the day the studio’s head of production, Irving Thalberg, died of pneumonia. Lewin headed the script department and was Irving’s right-hand-man. The two were literary eggheads; workaholic companions with […]

CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA – All Day at the SF Silent Film Festival, Saturday, 9/15

This Saturday at the Castro Theatre the San Francisco Silent Film Festival presents four programs of Festival favorites. Each will be accompanied by the celebrated Club Foot Orchestra. Program 1 begins at 1:00pm with an animated short from 1928 starring Felix the Cat (“He’s amazing, he’s remarkable–”) and continues with three comedies from the early ’20s […]

Mussorgsky’s “Boris Godunov” at SF Symphony – June 14, 15 and 17

For more than twenty seasons, Michael Tilson Thomas and the SFS have been at the forefront in creating original staging for works of the orchestral and operatic repertory in a symphonic setting. From The Flying Dutchman, Peter Grimes, and Peer Gynt to West Side Story and On The Town, MTT continues to explore new ways […]

“I’m Good for Nothing But Love” – Frances Langford is RKO’s Bamboo Blonde (1946)

For everything – there is a season, a time and a place. The Bamboo Blonde. RKO. Story of a nightclub singer during WWII. 67 minutes. B&W. Released July 15, 1946. Up until a recent screening on TCM, I never saw or ever heard of The Bamboo Blonde. At sixty seven minutes – the film qualifies as a Feature Length, somewhat on the […]

Jane Russell is “His Kind of Woman” – Robert Mitchum’s, that is

“The hottest combination that ever hit the screen!” – declared Louella O. Parsons in late August 1951. It’s possible that Louella was still in party-mode, having passed her 70th birthday just a few weeks before. No point in holding back now! Jane Russell and Robert Mitchum have IT. Apparently, not since way-back in ’21 – between Agnes Ayres and Rudolph […]

San Francisco Decorator Showcase, 4/29 – 5/29

The site for the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase is an exceptional Classical Revival mansion located at 2698 Pacific Avenue at Scott Street, in the heart of Pacific Heights. This 11,000 square-foot residence was designed by acclaimed architects Newsom and Newsom in 1904. This historic residence features grand entertaining rooms with 12-foot ceilings and architecturally stunning […]

Dores André on “Salome” – A World Premiere at San Francisco Ballet, 3/9–19

“She’s sexual, she’s selfish, she wants what she wants,” says Dores André. “But at the same time she is not certain – because it’s all an experiment to her.” Click here to see my complete interview with SF Ballet principal dancer Dores André. Program 5 at San Francisco Ballet opens Thursday, March 9 for seven […]

COREY KELLER, Curator at SFMOMA – On “diane arbus: in the beginning”

“Every time you put on clothes,” said Corey, “you are performing some way. I have been very entertained that Trump wants his female staff to ‘dress like women’. There’s a hashtag where someone responded that if you want to dress like a woman – ‘First, identify as a woman – get dressed.’ It’s that kind […]

Martin Chapman – On the Centenary Installation of the Rodin Collection at the Legion of Honor

“Every time I look, I find something different – whether it’s in the expression, the modeling or the patination. Some of the sculptures are very, very difficult to understand. What is Rodin trying to say?” Click here to see my complete with Martin Chapman on Martin is the curator in charge of European Decorative […]