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“Che Noia L’Amour” from “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone” – demo

A friend of mine who has played with Cleo Laine, was kind enough to ask her for me what she remembered about singing, “Love Is A Bore (“Che Noia L’Amour’) in the film, “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone.” The answer was…not much.


The Jitterbug

Any hardcore Wizard of Oz fan worth his weight in yellow bricks knows about the “bug scene” that ended up on the cutting room floor…

Bob Grimes

Bob Grimes

For decades, San Francisco singers and musicians looking for some hard-to-find piece of sheet music knew who to call first…Bob Grimes.

Ann Sheridan in Nora Prentiss

“Would You Like A Souvenir”, Nora Prentiss 1947; A look at Ann Sheridan

Rare shots of The City are a part of the film’s curious appeal. Singer Janet Roitz works with vocal coach Sean Martinfield on “Would You Like A Souvenir?” — the first of Nora’s more sophisticated band numbers.

Rosalind Marquis in Marked Woman

“My Silver Dollar Man”, Marked Woman 1937; A look at Rosalind Marquis

In this second track of “Ladies of the Nightclubs”, San Francisco Bay Area singer Janet Roitz and vocal coach Sean Martinfield explore the challenges of a great Depression Era blues number, “My Silver Dollar Man”, and its place in the film MARKED WOMAN, starring Bette Davis.

Veronica Lake in This Gun For Hire

“Now You See It, Now You Don’t” This Gun For Hire 1942; A look at Veronica Lake

TRACK 3 in the series, LADIES OF THE NIGHTCLUBS. Popular San Francisco singer Janet Roitz and vocal coach Sean Martinfield take a look at the musical side of Veronica Lake in the 1942 film noir classic, THIS GUN FOR HIRE. The film was a box office bonanza for both Miss Lake and her handsome co-star, Alan Ladd.

Jacqueline Fontaine in Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

“The Glory Of Love” Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner 1967; A look at Jacqueline Fontaine

Though her appearance in the 1967 film is shorter than brief and her name a mystery in the screen credits, Jacqueline Fontaine is a true and steadfast “Lady of the Nightclubs”.

Janet Roitz

“Meglio Stasera” It Had Better Be Tonight, The Pink Panther 1963

“Meglio Stasera” translates to, “It Had Better Be Tonight”. Music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, the song was introduced in 1963 in the first of the PINK PANTHER films directed by Blake Edwards.

Ida Lupino in ROAD HOUSE, 1948

“Again” Road House, 1948; a look at Ida Lupino

“She reminds me of the first woman that ever slapped my face,” says this guy to his date. “If she sings like she looks…” His girl interrupts, whining, “You wouldn’t let me wear a dress like that!” For sure. Nobody but Lily Stevens COULD wear a dress like that…

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“Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year,” Christmas Holiday; A Look At Deanna Durbin

What better way to spend the “most wonderful time of the year” than with a Film Noir classic that just keeps giving and giving? Before pushing the PLAY button, we extend heartfelt thanks to Mr. Eddie Muller (“The Czar of Noir”) for selecting this multi-faceted work (in glorious 35mm) as part of his 2011 Noir City Christmas screenings at San Francisco’s historic movie palace, the Castro Theatre.