“Again” Road House, 1948; a look at Ida Lupino

by Janet Roitz | See: All, Ladies of the Nightclubs, Video Gallery

Things are happening up in Elton tonight. It’s another opening for another lounge singer at Jefty’s Road House. Lily Stevens is Jefty’s latest find and, maybe, latest squeeze. The bar area is filling up, the piano has been moved to the center, it’s almost show time. Let’s hope the manager remembers to close the door on the 10- lane bowling alley. That’s her over there – at the end of the bar – the doll in the black sequined dress, smoking a cigarette, downing a bourbon. Somebody just stuck a nickel in the juke box and pushed “Don’t Blame Me (for Falling In Love with You)”.

“She reminds me of the first woman that ever slapped my face,” says this guy to his date. “If she sings like she looks…” His girl interrupts, whining, “You wouldn’t let me wear a dress like that!” For sure. Nobody but Lily Stevens could wear a dress like that…

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  1. Troy Gaspard says:

    How nice to find true music fans. I love how you trace a song through popular culture, which seems to have but disappeared in modern times.

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