The old expression, “It takes one to know one” fits really well in describing the creative dynamic between Janet Roitz and me. It all started in 2000 when she came to me for some vocal coaching. I had already enjoyed her performance in Io Princess of Argos, a very catchy musical produced by Art Street Theatre in San Francisco.

With a bunch of auditions ahead on her calendar, my job was to rev-up her vocal chops and contribute new material to her song portfolio. What came as a bonus was discovering our mutual interest in film history. Turns out, we share a common passion for zooming in and out on the vast and very colorful maps of Classic Hollywood. That includes, of course, all the adventures around the introduction of  the talkies and the quick development of lavish screen musicals. In 2010, always in pursuit of good performance material, we focused our attention on a wide variety of films that share one thing in common – a nightclub scene and, specifically, those featuring women headliners. Suddenly, dozens of titles were on our To -Do list. We took the reporter’s approach, that being: Who was singing what, where, when, and – most importantly – why?

The avenues and alleyways we are exploring on Fabulous Film Songs have proven to be ever-intriguing, off the beaten path, and far edgier than those sunny and nostalgic strolls down memory lane. We’re not looking for dusty relics or landmarks of the used-to-be. Instead, armed with remotes and recorders, we keep our eyes peeled on the opening credits – waiting for the frame that reads, “Music and Lyrics by….” But how far into the film does the song happen? What is its set-up?

We hope you enjoy our videos… and check out our individual pages for more music, musings, reviews and resources!